Basildon Council’s official website offers to dispose of your ‘chester drawers’


The official website for Basildon Council is currently offering to dispose of your ‘chester drawers’ for a reasonable fee. 

It is the typo of the decade that is commonly found on local Facebook buying and selling groups where spelling is usually an afterthought, but now it seems that Basildon Council is keen to get in on the action.

When you visit their page to book a disposal collection for a large item, one of the choices in the drop-down list is ‘chester drawers.’

The correct spelling is also there for some reason.

Either it is a typo, or there is a logical explanation.

Perhaps it is intentional in the way that councils are obliged to offer materials in a number of languages.

Their site now offers translations in Urdu, Gujarati, Mandarin and Jeremy Kyle.

I’m not perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar (who is?), but this surely takes the biscuit!

It’s the same kind of thing as ‘selling for a friend but on other sights’ and ‘it’s brand new and unused apart from the four times I’ve had it out the box since I bought it last December.’

’PM me hun not getting notifications on hear too many snakes xoxoxoxo.’

I’ll ask them for an explanation with some emojis or something.

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