Benfleet girl raising funds for her sister who is suffering from meningitis and septicaemia


Danielle Burton has been in touch with The Southend Bible to tell us about her sister who is currently battling meningitis and septicaemia in hospital – she is currently fundraising to try and help with her rehabilitation and tutoring that will enable her to get back up to speed with her studies once she has recovered.

I am hosting a charity event in aid of my sister Amy Burton who is currently in hospital suffering with a life changing illness, meningitis and septicaemia.

Amy came home on the 14th October and felt very poorly, and luckily for Amy her mother Gayle’s initial actions were to look for symptoms and try to help her.

Amy had a rash that didn’t disappear when carrying out the glass test, and her mother rang 999 and the emergency services started to save Amy’s life straight away.

It was suspected meningitis.

CR: Danielle Burton

Amy was rushed to Southend Hospital, but was later transferred to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London.

Amy was placed in an induced coma and her parents and family feared the worst!

Amy is still critical and will be staying at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington for the foreseeable future.

Amy was diagnosed with meningitis & septicaemia. She has had various operations on her leg due to the effects of the illness.

Amy is still in a critical condition and will not be returning home any time soon due to having intensive rehabilitation.

Many people that know Amy also know that she is always the girl who would say ‘hello’ and give you a smile – she is always with her family and adores her little sister Lily.

Lily is really missing Amy and if we can raise some money to help her rehab, then she can be back home sooner and be with Lily and the rest of her family.

Any money raised for Amy will go towards her rehabilitation and hopefully some tutoring so that Amy does not fall behind with her school work.

The family have also chosen for some money to go to the ICU and Grand Unions Ward in St Mary’s Hospital to support the cause and also to the Meningitis charity. Please see for the just giving page.

Amy’s home town community of Benfleet has already shown compassion by arranging a charity night at the Tandoori Parlour in Thundersley.

CR: Danielle Burton

Amy is someone who has always dreamed of becoming famous and she has asked for me to arrange for some celebrities to join us on her special night.

This will be the first night that Amy has been given leave from the hospital – she will then have to go back on the same evening.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. We hope to hear from you and hope you can help out and make Amy’s evening.

If you could possibly help by putting Danielle in touch with a famous face or two, please email and we will pass a message on.