Can you help identify this woman who ‘exposed herself’ and damaged a Southend café?


Southend TV has published some shocking CCTV footage of a woman vandalising the outside area of the MadHatters Tea Room in Queens Road.  

Local police are now asking for help identifying the woman who also ‘exposed herself to a number of customers.

According to Southend TV’s Facebook page:

This was the shocking scene at local tea room, MadHatters Tea Room after a woman threatened staff, exposed herself to customers and vandalised the outside eating area.

The incident occurred after the woman, said to have been in a “highly agitated” state, demanded a free meal from staff.

Owner, Liam Offord expressed his sadness at what had happened saying “it was a horrible experience for the team and our customers.

“It’s particularly upsetting because we do a lot of charity work to help local people in need, which we will continue to do regardless of this.”

Southend Police are currently asking for anyone with any information about the woman to come forward.

If you do have something to share then please contact them directly on 101.

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Image: Southend TV