Essex Police officer nurses abandoned and underweight kitten back to full health


Essex Police have shared a touching story about an abandoned kitten that was handed in to one of their police stations.

According to their Facebook page, the kitten named Elsa is now on her way to a full recovery, and it’s great to see that there was a happy ending.

With the colder nights coming in, it could have easily been a different story.

Their Facebook post said:

A kitten handed into our officers underweight and hungry has found new policing owners.

Elsa was found abandoned by a member of the public and handed to our officers at Colchester police station on Thursday, November 2.

While we insist that people call the RSCPA, Cats Protection or visit a sanctuary, in this instance our officers were quick to help.

They then called a vet who insisted she needed plenty of meals and nurturing and Pc Adam Westall and his partner, Hollie, agreed to nurse her at home.

Since then, Elsa, has made a full recovery and Adam and Hollie have grown so smitten with her, they have decided to keep her.

Adam said: “With regular meals during the day, and at times in the early hours of the morning, Elsa is healthy and bouncing around.

“She has shown us plenty of affection and has since become a part of our family.”

This kind of social media content gives a real insight into the workings of our county’s police force and it is yet another example of one of the twists and turns that an average shift can take.

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Photo Credit: Essex Police / Facebook