Fairy garden pops up in Hockley, complete with magic door


A mysterious, magical fairy garden has popped up in Hockley, with many passers-by wondering exactly what is going on – it is already captivating local children who walk past on their way to school.

The small installation has appeared in Buckingham Road, a hundred yards or so from the roundabout with Main Road, complete with painted toadstools, ‘stepping stones’ made from tree stumps, and some sort of magical door.

All very mysterious!

We love it when members of the public take the time to make an open space look nice, but the origins of this little garden has left us well and truly ‘stumped’ if you pardon the joke.

One of our team happened to be passing and took a few photos earlier today, but if anyone can shed some more light on exactly where this garden has come from please get in touch at info@southendbible.com.

Where could this magical door lead?

At least it is all a lot more accessible than the area’s other famous painted toadstool on the A127 westbound carriageway just before you get to Progress Road.

It’s clear that this Hockley feature has taken a great deal of time and effort, and it would be great if any local fans of ‘Love On The Rocks’ can make some fairy-themed stones to leave there.

We will be writing an article about LOTR very soon.

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