‘Fake News’ Toy Drive appeal raises £50,000 worth of ACTUAL PRESENTS in under two weeks


A Christmas gift appeal that has been set up by a number of ‘fake news’ websites including the local Southend News Network has managed to accumulate more than £50,000 worth of toy donations in under two weeks. 

The Big Fat Secret Santa at satireaid.co.uk is a joint project between Rochdale Herald, NewsThump, Southend News Network, Angry People In Local Newspapers and Tuckered.


They are using a simple but incredibly effective Amazon gift list to overwhelm local toy drives all over the country with donations.

The shipping address is changed with every 300 items that are purchased for disadvantaged children, with appeals in Southend, Rochdale, Reading and more keeping their local Yodel drivers very busy.


Offices at Southend Borough Council’s Civic Centre have been cleared to make way for the ever-growing mountains of gifts, and Rochdale Council has also turned into a huge team effort to keep up with the deliveries.

George from Rochdale Herald visited the local council today, and he said:

It was utterly bonkers – there were rooms full of presents stacked six feet deep.

Councillors had to give up their offices to store gifts because they had run out of storage space.

There were so many boxes to open that they had all the call centre workers taking calls whilst unboxing presents at their desks.

The bin men, who’d all finished their shifts, were volunteering to clear MOUNTAINS of cardboard out of the building.


More than 6,000 gifts have been dispatched, and with a whole week left to go there’s still time to get involved.

Simply visit satireaid.co.uk – there are gifts at loads of differences price points.  Simply checkout, dispatch the items to the gift registry option and Amazon will take care of the rest.

The organisers are also keen for the appeal to get some mainstream media attention in its final week, so please contact info@southendbible.com if you can help with this.