Have a look at this jaw-dropping festive street art on Southend High Street


The renowned local artist John Bulley and his band of merry men and women have been giving Southend High Street a festive makeover, and he has told us a bit more about this project that has been made possible with a heap of support from Southend BID.

We Are Southend…

Of the community… by the community … for the community.

CR: John Bulley

Local painters, sculptors and film makers, tired of the lack of positive action in the area, have been given the job of brightening up the high street for Christmas by Southend BID.

To that end we are riffing on the theme of Father Christmas, from the Grinch to the classic 50’s style American Picture Post ads.

No poncing about, no intellectual posturing, just get on with it, and we have.

CR: John Bulley

The response from the local community has been brilliant. In fact it’s been hard to concentrate with so many shoppers wanting to stop and chat and congratulate us on doing a great job.

Positive action and positive response – it’s not rocket science it’s just good old fashioned hands-on skill and application.

Southend is full of incredibly skilful artists and artisans who just needed someone to say ‘show us what you can do,’ so we have.

CR: John Bulley

Without the support of Southend BID and the faith they’ve placed in us this could not have happened.

It’s amazing what you can do with a little common sense…

We are not special or famous ‘contemporary artists,’ most of us have day jobs to pay the rent.

CR: John Bulley

We are just part of the amazing local talent that’s been overlooked in Southend for too long.

We are Southend, we are the community.


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