Heartless vandals wreck ‘community pantry’ that provides food for those in need


Heartless vandals have damaged a ‘community pantry’ in Southend that provides food items for those who desperately need them.

The Southend Little Free Pantry on Newington Avenue is a simple project where members of the public can donate and add a few items of food, and then local people who are in need can visit discreetly and with ‘no questions asked’ to take items for themselves and their families.

Although the majority of visitors treat it with respect, unfortunately a number of food items were removed and damaged on Friday, and the people who run the Little Free Pantry are now considering getting CCTV installed at their own expense.

CR: Little Free Pantry Southend

Believe it or not, this is the second time that this has happened in the three weeks that the unit has been in place.

The Southend version of the Little Free Pantry project was originally set up by concerned local residents Lara Mack and June Dillow, with this particular pantry run by Jo Bates and Maxine Gabrielle.

CR: Little Free Pantry Southend

If you would like to help keep it topped up and donate some items of food, the ladies would appreciate it if you could join their Facebook group here – simply leave a comment for them and they will tell you more.

Alternatively, just pop along to the Little Free Pantry on Newington Avenue at the Hamstel Road end of the street and you can place items inside.

CR: Little Free Pantry Southend