How a Southend idea has become a beautiful nationwide poppy tribute to fallen war heroes


An simple arts and crafts idea that started in Southend On Sea has now become a nationwide tribute to fallen soldiers ahead of Remembrance Sunday. 

Love On The Rocks started life as a small Facebook group where members are encouraged to decorate stones and pebbles and then hide them in public for other people to find.

Some choose to put them back, others take them home, some even re-hide them. There are no set rules.

However, the group has now grown to tens of thousands of members, and their latest initiative has been to encourage members to decorate stones with poppies on and leave them at war memorials, in parks and anywhere else where they want to spread the very important message of ‘Lest We Forget.’

As you will see in these photos from the group, there are some very talented members in there, and the group’s creator Vicki from Southend told us that it really is a community project for all ages and artistic abilities.

She added: ‘The Love On The Rocks UK Big Rock Poppy Drop is this weekend!’

‘The aim is to display our poppy rocks to show our respects next to a memorial, place of worship, park, high street, graveyard, crematorium, care home, garden or any other perfect spot that you have in mind in your town wherever you are in the UK.’

Hundreds of poppy rocks have already been left and photographed on the Facebook group, and as there are now members all over the country you may see one while you are out and about.

Take a look at some more of the beautiful designs below, and to get involved all you need to do is decorate your stones and post a photo in the Facebook group here.

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