Leigh chippy selling fish and chips for £1.99 on Black Friday


A chippy in Leigh On Sea has decided to join in the Black Friday fun this year by celebrating the big day with fish and chips on offer for £1.99.

That’s less than £2. This is not a drill.

We spoke to John Angeli at Fish-A-Licious at 808 London Road to find out more.

He said: ‘Cod and chips will be £1.99 all day on Black Friday. Obviously we are doing this to attract new customers, but we would also be delighted to see our regular customers pop in and enjoy this meal for a discounted price – especially if fish and chips isn’t something that you would usually be able to afford.’

‘Everyone is welcome!’

To be fair, the best way to usually get a good deal on cod and chips is to spend four hours in make up and then pretend to qualify for the OAP special, so this is good news all round.

They have a 4.5/5 on Tripadvisor as well, and bearing in mind that the site is usually full of miserable buggers having a whinge that’s pretty admirable.

CR: Fish-A-Licious

They are also very proud of their Good Chippy Award!

CR: Fish-A-Licious

In the interests of transparency, they have offered us a fish supper in return for this blog, but I will probably be there on the day with a variety of moustaches on anyway.

It beats getting assaulted in ASDA over a £99 TV any day of the week, and it’s nice for a humble chippy in Leigh to get some press coverage sometimes as usually the only places in  the town to get in the media are those charging £24.95 for an artisan gherkin platter.