Leigh school celebrates 80% 11+ pass rate


An independent school in Leigh On Sea is celebrating their 11+ results once again, with the latest crop of good news giving them an average pass rate of 80% for the last three years!

Saint Pierre School in Leigh Road is owned by co-proprietors Kurt Davies and Christopher Perkins MA, and we have spoken to delighted Headmaster Christopher to find out more about how the school has maintained this ‘county-leading’ level of success.

He said: ‘Following on from the great success of previous cohorts, this year’s group of 11+ candidates at Saint Pierre School had big shoes to fill – no pressure!’

‘Out of the class of 16 children, 14 children had chosen to sit the, ‘big test’, in September. Not only did 11 of these children pass, their scores were amongst the highest scores in the county, with one pupil scoring an average of 90%+ over the two papers! The average score of all 14 candidates was in excess of 325.’

‘The school has established a reputation in recent years for an 11+ pass rate which is probably the best in the county, with an average 11+ pass rate of 80% over the past three years.’

No more practice papers!

‘This enviable record has been achieved with lots of hard work from staff, parents and, of course, the children themselves.’

‘Once again, we are hugely proud of the achievement of all of our 11+ candidates, including those who did not quite get the pass mark required but still have made huge progress at the school.’

‘Many of the children’s scores were massive this year and many senior schools will be desperate to attract any of our pupils to join them next September.’

‘As results were published at the start of half term, Mrs. Perkins (who teaches the 11+ English) and I were desperate to find out how our pupils had done and, as expected, slowly but surely the results came through, highlighting the children’s tremendous performances.’

‘It also has to be said that the children also showed great empathy towards their classmates who did fall a little short of the mark – tribute to the caring and supportive ethos that is key to our school.’

Saint Pierre School co-proprietors Kurt Davies and Christopher Perkins MA meeting Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards at a recent event.

‘Our Year 6 children will continue to work hard and be challenged as they continue their final year at Saint Pierre.’

‘We have introduced new initiatives like Enrichment and Challenge lessons, Tutorial groups and Differentiation Thursday – all to make sure that the children remain focussed and continue to impress with their academic capabilities.’

‘Without doubt – another great set of results. Congratulations to all.’

If you would like to visit the school to see how these results are achieved, please contact Jan, the school secretary, on 01702 474164 or see the school’s website – www.saintpierreschool.com.