Local photographer shares photo of ‘cesspit’ seafront lagoon

Credit: Phil Whalley - phil@avpics.co.uk

A photographer has shared a photo of the seafront lagoon in Southend where it appears that the beach feature has attracted a large amount of mess and debris – he refers to it as a ‘cesspit.’

Phil Whalley posted the image earlier today, with a number of people expressing their surprise at the current condition of the lagoon that was originally installed to ensure that an area of the seafront would always have water.

It is generally unaffected by the tide.

Credit: Phil Whalley – phil@avpics.co.uk

According to the official Visit Southend page, it is: A fantastic new attraction that will allow visitors to paddle and swim all day long, without worrying about the tides.

This is definitely a step in the right direction, as one of the most common complaints that we hear from visitors to the town is that they have arrived at a time when the tide is out!

How have you found the lagoon when you have visited it in the past? Is this a regular problem or have you noticed that it is well-maintained?

The very nature of an entirely enclosed lagoon will mean that accumulated materials will always need to be manually removed, so to a certain extent those responsible for cleaning it will often by fighting a losing battle.

However, in this condition it doesn’t exactly send out the right message.

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We have approached Southend Borough Council for a comment.

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Photo Credit: Phil Whalley – phil@avpics.co.uk