Rochford school takes a stand against inconsiderate parking after ‘near miss’ incident involving child

Credit: Google Maps

A Rochford school has taken a stand against people parking illegally on the road outside their entrance after it was claimed that child was involved in a ‘near miss’ incident due to a number of cars being parked close to a zebra crossing.

According to a post on the Facebook page of Rochford Primary School and Nursery, a child was almost hit by a car recently because a number of cars were parked in the road by the crossing, effectively forcing other cars to drive around them.

Rochford Primary School is on Ashingdon Road, close to Rochford Hospital and a number of other features that make parking an issue during busy times.

Credit: Google Maps

The plea for considerate parking said:

Please no cars to stop or park outside our school.

Please can we again remind parents not to park / drop-off / wait in the car in the road outside the school.

We have had a recent near-miss incident involving a child using the zebra crossing which was caused by several cars parked in the road and other cars having to drive around them.

Parking in this road presents a real safety issue for your children and prevents access for ambulances to the school and the hospital.

Details of vehicles blocking this road will be recorded. Thank you for your co-operation.

Credit: Rochford Primary School and Nursery / Facebook

Surely it goes without saying that parking anywhere near a school and a zebra crossing needs to be done in a considerate manner?

We are glad that the child involved in the near-miss incident is OK, and this should act as a wake-up call for other schools in the area to encourage parents and the wider community to think before they park.

Well done to the school for raising awareness of this very important issue!