Southend woman’s ‘Kind Coats’ for the homeless is so successful that she runs out after just one day


A woman from Southend set up a ‘Kind Coats’ rack on Southend High Street where people can donate warm winter coats for homeless people to take and wear – it has been so successful on its first day that she has issued an urgent appeal for more donations.

We spoke to its creator Laura Gibson about the idea that can currently be found on the corner of Queens Road and Southend High Street.

Image Credit: Laura Gibson

She said:

I saw a BBC video about something called ‘Kind Coats’ and it’s a basic idea – if you need a coat then take one from the rail, and if you would like to help then add one.

This all started with a lady called Fay in Colchester, and I remembered that I had some spare rails.

All I needed were the rain covers and lots of coats to bring this to Southend.

Image Credit: Laura Gibson

I posted on the 8 out of 10 mums Ask Facebook group for help with coat donations, and boy did I get some – I had over 40 coats donated in just one day!

After sorting them into men’s, women’s and kids’, I hung them up, took some photos for the donors to see and packed them into my car.

I then needed to think of the perfect place, and I decided that the corner of Queens road and the High Street outside the old Post Office would be ideal as many homeless people sleep there in the doorway.

Image Credit: Laura Gibson

I went on December 2nd at around 4pm and met some of the really lovely homeless people outside the old Post Office with my rails and handed out the coats.

They were all so grateful for everyone’s donations and said what a great idea it was to have this in the town.

I just really hope no-one spoils it for everyone who may need a coat this winter.

As this has now been so successful, Laura urgently needs more coat and warm jumper donations – you can either visit the rail and leave them or drop us an email and we will pass your details on (