The YORKSHIRE BEEF WAFFLEWICH has arrived in Southend, and it’s crazy


The Yorkshire Beef Wafflewich has arrived in Southend, and it is as crazy as it sounds.

It is part of the new Christmas Lunch menu at Mangetout, and it is billed as a ‘Yorkshire pudding waffle, with slices of melt in the mouth beef brisket, American cheese, fried onions, mustard mayo and served with fries and a pot of gravy.’

To be fair, the one they have photographed looks like it is stuffed to capacity, so we can see this one going down very well.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps the O’ Holy Cow Burger might.

Mangetout’s owner Will Fish said: ‘The Wafflewich is comfort food at its best, the combo of flavours works very well and I hope you all get to try one this December!’

These articles about culinary creations are always a massive let down when you get all the way to the end and find out that it is only available in ‘the USA’ or somewhere else (McDonalds are awful for this).

However, you’ll be pleased to know that this one is ready and waiting just off Southend High Street in Tylers Avenue as part of their Christmas Lunch Menu which is £18.95 for two courses or £22.95 for three.

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Image Credit: Mangetout Southend

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