If you think the outside of the Coca Cola truck is special, wait until you see inside


With the Coca-Cola truck about to arrive in Southend, families are making plans to visit the spectacular light show when it is on display outside Victoria Plaza Shopping Centre. 

It will be on show from 11am until 7pm on Wednesday.

However, if you think that the outside is spectacular, the inside is something else altogether.

CR: Coca-Cola

It is in fact a fully fledged mini apartment with a luxurious bedroom and living area complete with flat-screen TV.

There is also a huge Christmas theme throughout and plenty of chilled Coca-Cola on hand for good measure.

CR: Coca-Cola

The fireplace is adorned with stockings and festive touches, meaning that anyone lucky enough to spend the night here is guaranteed an awesome Christmas experience.

OK we admit it – things are not quite what they seem!

The images that you see here are the interior of ANOTHER custom-fitted Coca-Cola truck that is sitting in London, waiting for the lucky winners of a special contest being run by the soft drinks company and laterooms.com.

CR: Coca-Cola

Two people will be allowed to spend the night inside and have a full Christmas Dinner, and then the following day after breakfast they will head off to the Coca-Cola London Eye.

There is even a festive concierge, Christmas gifts aplenty and loads of other little touches.

CR: Coca-Cola

Head over to the competition page if you want to enter before December 8th 2017. 

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Credit for all photos: Coca-Cola